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Beats4Love is a new philanthropic campaign developed by BeatStars. Our mission is to inspire our community to contribute to charities and nonprofits that are on the frontlines of COVID-19 relief efforts. We will donate 100% of the proceeds collected to the charities and nonprofits on behalf of our creators. BeatStars has also committed $40,000 to this campaign.

breaking the stigma

Mental Health Awareness

Each year millions of people face the harsh reality of battling mental illness. For Mental Health Awareness month, BeatStars aims to facilitate conversation and provide resources to those in our community.

Social Justice Initiatives

Fight for Racial Equality

We pride ourselves on being a global family of creators and believe that it is our duty to stand with the black community as they fight against injustice and for basic human rights. Learn more about what we are fighting for, why it is a problem, and how BeatStars is getting involved, as well as how you can get involved.

Social justice initiatives

Free Palestine

BeatStars stands against the oppression, ethnic cleansing, and human rights violations of the Palestinian people. Visit our Free Palestine page to learn more about what’s currently happening in Palestine and how you can help. BeatStars has committed $50,000 to this cause.

Social Justice Initiatives

Stop AAPI Hate

BeatStars condemns the hateful acts of violence, racism & xenophobia against the Asian American & Pacific Islander community. We continue to stand in solidarity with our AAPI community of creators, employees, partners & listeners around the world.