We pride ourselves on being a global family of creators and believe that it is our duty to stand with the black community as they fight against injustice and for basic human rights.
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What We Are Fighting for, Why It Is a Problem, and How You Can Get Involved

Wanting to learn more about the fight for racial equality? Read our latest blog post to learn what we are fighting for, why it’s a problem, and how you can get involved.

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Mentorship Program

Being inspired by the youth, who are so passionately pushing forward change in this country, we are launching our inaugural Mentorship Program.

Racial Equality

A Letter to the Community From Our CEO

Hear from BeatStars CEO, Abe Batshon, as he shares his heart and a message to our community about standing with the black community in the fight against racial injustices.

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Supporting the Organizations on the Frontlines

BeatStars has donated $30,000 to three organizations on the frontlines of the fight against racial injustices. Learn more about each of these organizations we support.

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Donate Through Beats4Love

We're excited to share that you can now add any of these three organizations individually as a collaborator on your track, and whatever sales are earned will be directly donated to them on your behalf!