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Pub Talk

Publishing member discusses their experience in the industry and music publishing
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Battle of the Type Beats

A head to head battle between some of the hottest artists out. Choose a side and submit your beat!
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The Listening Room

From up-and-coming artists to industry legends, join us to hear what they have to say about your beats!
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MEC Show with DJ Pain 1

An online mentor program focused on artistic development for producers, beatmakers and sound engineers.
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The Road to 1 Million Streams

Highlighting members who have crossed the 1 MILLION stream mark! We follow each member's path to success!
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Sunday Sounds

Highlights the best Up-and-Coming Producers on BeatStars. Join the community as we shine some light on talent!
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MEC Show with Damien Ritter

We bring some of the most forward thinking people in the industry to inspire aspiring music entrepreneurs.
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BeatStars Round Up

All you need to know about the BeatStars Universe including weekly opportunties, challenges and more!
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The Deal

Highlighting our BeatStars Publishing Clients! Get to know their journey and how they got offered “THE DEAL”!
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Protect Your Art

Join our interactive Q&A and you learn more about the legal side of the music industry.
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On the List

Listen to a variety of beats and get the inside scoop as to how we curate our official BeatStars playlist!
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Beat Feedback

Join some of the most respected Sony Music Publishing A&Rs as they listen to your music and give their tips.
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Buy My Beat Friday

Join the BeatStars Family, as we help the CEO & Founder of BeatStars decide which beats he should buy!
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BeatStars Academy

Learn how to master your skills and become the best producer with interactive sessions, Q&A and more!
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