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Thursdays · 2PM - 4PM EST

Cyber Cypher Finale

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About the show

Twitch and BeatStars present: a weekly competition for artists to come up with their best bars/melodies for a chance to win prizes. This show will broadcast each contestant’s 16-bar freestyle, inspire friendly competition and increase artists' brand awareness, and offer weekly opportunities for artists to win prizes including playlisting, song reposts, cash, beat coin credits, and equipment to enhance their business.

special prizes

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Want to be a contestant on Cyber Cypher?

Contestant Requirements:

  1. Must have a Discord account and join the BeatStars server
  2. Must use #CyberCypher
  3. Upload a video of your submission on beatstars.world/cybercypher
  4. Video must be public to view contest entry submission"
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