Rewatch the BeatStars Summit

Let’s live through this again together!

Day 1

Self Made: Interview with Constantin Koehncke from Native Instruments
Music Industry Marketing Advice with Toneden CEO Ali Shakeri and Indepreneur CEO Circa
Sync Licensing: How to Get Your Music on Film & TV
Red Flags in the Music Industry with Brian Zisook

Day 2

Self Made: Baron Davis Talks Music Production, Entrepreneurship, BeatStars, and More!
Engineering Power Panel Interview with Young Guru and Jus the Engineer
Know Your Rights: The Legal Side of Music Production with Karl Fowlkes and Othellobeats
Blueberry Faygo Producer Callan and Sony/ATV A&R Explain Publishing Deals for Producers

Day 3

Buy My Beat Friday: CEO Abe Batshon Buys Beats
World Wide BeatStars Community Meetup
Beat Feedback: Your Beats Reviewed by Industry A&Rs