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May 11, 2022


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is looking for

• Upbeat or melodramatic sound • Hard hitting 808s • A BPM between 132-180 • Experimental drill elements • A sound reminiscent of Travis Scott

winner will receive

From SSGKobe

  • a T-shirt and Hoodie from Kobe’s brand
  • A Zoom session with Kobe and his Engineer to record the winning single
  • Single released on Soundcloud
  • A shout out on social media

From Pigeons and Planes

  • Article on Pigeons & Planes highlighting the winning single and include an interview with the winning producer.
  • Social support on P&P Twitter, Instagram, Instagram Story, Facebook and TikTok
  • Song and winner highlighted on the P&P Discord
  • Inclusion in the P&P newsletter

From BeatStars

  • 1 free year of BeatStars Unlimited Pro Page
  • Custom Pro Page Design
  • $100 Worth of BeatStars Merch
  • $200 worth of BeatStars Advertising Credit
  • Winner blasted on BeatStars Socials + announced to the BeatStars community via email
  • Free Publishing plan for a year

To Submit You Must

  • Pay $5 to enter with two beats
  • Must have a BeatStars account to submit
  • Must submit a BeatStars Marketplace link (NO EXCEPTIONS!)

What SSGKobe is looking for

please read the terms below

Chinese music company, NetEase Cloud Music is looking for exclusive Pop-Hip Hop beats that are reminiscent of the struggle of pursuing a dream. This is a paid opportunity.The beat needs to: support a male vocalist, have a strong and memorable hook, not feel too emotional, but should highlight a lonely and regretful mood, have percussion (bass guitar) and piano (any piano riffs should be soft). Orchestral moments can appear in the chorus or pre-chorus. Beat Structure should be:Rap Verse - Chorus - Rap Verse - Chorus - Rap Verse - Chorus Genre: Pop-Hip Hop. BPM: 90-100 only. Key: Cm. Bright Major, C, D, F, G is also accepted. Duration: 1-5 minutes. Mood: Lonely, Reference song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1nS5ocmakvA

Release of the Entries

All Entries that you submit must be exclusively created for this opportunity. The Entries should not be licensed and or sold until the end of this opportunity. NetEase will have (3) months from the opportunity launch to decide which tracks they are going to license. Following the three (3) month opportunity period, if your track has not been purchased by NetEase, you may begin to license your track yourself without any restrictions. 

Ownership of the Winning Track

In the event that your track is selected, NetEase shall be the sole owner and holder of all the rights, titles, and interests in the New Songs created from your beat, including 100% of the copyrights in the sound recordings, the lyrics and the compositions of the New Songs. NetEase shall have the right to exploit the New Songs for any commercial and non-commercial purposes without any additional permission from the producer, the artists or any other third party.  NetEase WILL pay the producer 50% of the net revenue generated from the exploitation of the publishing rights of the song.


The beats selected will receive a $1,000 Producer Fee and 50% of the Net Revenue of the Publishing generated from the exploitation of the Underlying Composition of the Winning Track. 

About SSGKobe

Colorfully stylish while pulling in intimate emotions and a delirious slew of inspiration from across generations, SSGKobe echoes the mystifying energy of the internet. Since creating his first songs five years ago, the Louisiana-born artist has unloaded bangers that vacillate between sullen and ecstatic, creating an Auto-Tune-drenched soundtrack for peers who process triumph and heartbreak by posting unfiltered captions on Instagram. In doing so, he’s cultivated a growing legion of fans—listeners, critics, and fellow artists as diverse as his influences.

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SSGKobe Beat Submission

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May 11, 2022

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