Social Media and How to Use It to Grow Your Business

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Make Social Media Work For You

This day and age social media can be such a broad term. With so many platforms and online communities it’s difficult to know where to start, especially as a business. In this masterclass we’ll go over how to use social media in a way that feels organic to you so that you can find your audience and grow your business.

What you’ll learn

What social platform is right for your business goals
Telling your story online
How to create a content plan that works for you
Building and engaging with your community

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Sr. Brand Marketing Manager

Erin is an experienced marketer with a background in the creative industries. She started her career in social media because she was passionate about building brands. When she joined BeatStars it became her mission to help the community find their niche and use it to their advantage online. Join us to discover how to grow your business online with our Ultimate Guide to Social Media Masterclass hosted by Erin.

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