BeatStars is home to thousands of creators from all over the world, proving that music and the business that surrounds it knows no borders. It has always been our mission to simplify the craziness of the music business. A part of that goal includes providing opportunities for our BeatStars family to expand their awareness of multiple styles and genres, and build their own global network. With this, BeatStars is proud to announce that we will be launching BeatStars Hubs, beginning with BeatStars Africa and BeatStars Latin.

Latin American music is a huge influence on popular culture in other continents, informing the sound of an infinite amount of music coming out around the world. The launch of the BeatStars Latin Hub recognizes that, bringing an array of eclectic sounds from creators residing in Latin America, while also hosting region-specific opportunities, challenges, playlists, and more.

Escape to the lush landscape and vibrant environment of Latin America with our carefully curated Latin Hub playlists and get inspired.

BeatStars is home to thousands of creatives making magic from Africa who are in turn influencing music other creators are producing from all over the world. Our brand new African Hub will be home to multiple curated playlists, interviews from creators in African countries, region-specific opportunities, and more.

For starters, get acquainted and indulge your ears with the unique sounds our creators are brewing up.