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Why distribution is essential for producers!


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About the webinar

Join BeatStars CMO, Jasmine Crowder, Attorney Kyle Brown, and Marketing Content Specialist, Jamil Khoury to learn more about how distributing through BeatStars protects your music being used online without your permission. Tune in Thursday, June 24, 2021, from 1-2:45 PM EST for music industry insights, key knowledge, giveaways, Q&As, and more!

Join the beatstars team as they talk about utilizing BeatStars Distribution to access Content ID, and learn more about what Content ID is, why you should be using it to protect your music, and how to get started!

What you’ll learn

Item one
What is Content ID
Item two
Why producers need Content ID
Item three
How to monetize through Content ID
Item four

Meet the experts

Jasmine Crowder


After getting a BS in Marketing and an MBA in International Business, Jasmine worked in a variety of marketing roles. Last year, Jasmine joined BeatStars to lead the company’s marketing efforts. Want to learn about all things marketing and business development? She’s your expert!

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Jasmine Crowder

Kyle Brown


After graduating with an undergraduate degree in Political Science, Kyle went to law school and in 2020 was sworn in as a licensed attorney. Earlier this year, he joined the Beatstars legal team. Want to learn about all thing music & law? He’s your expert!

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Kyle Brown

Jamil Khoury


After working on the Customer Support team for a few years, Jamil transitioned to the Marketing Department to help lead content initiatives, which include product tutorials, live streams, and more. Want to learn how to use BeatStars to the fullest? He’s your expert!

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Jamil Khoury