What is a Split Sheet?

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Aug 17, 2020

A split sheet is an agreement detailing each producer and songwriter’s ownership percentages of a given song. A split sheet also includes other important information, such as each individual’s specific contribution to the work (i.e., drums, melody, guitar, piano, lyrics, etc.), as well as their publisher information. If multiple versions of a single song were created, this can (and should) also be detailed on your split sheet.

Why are Split Sheets Important?

Split sheets determine each contributor’s ownership percentage for a given copyright.  Those ownership percentages determine your share of future royalties from the copyright, so it is important to have them clearly established on paper.

How do I get a Split Sheet?

There are a bunch of good templates for split sheets available online. We recommend you use ours!

When is Everyone Supposed to Sign the Split Sheet?

If there is an in-person recording session, ideally everyone will sign a split sheet for the songs created during that session before leaving the room.

If a recording comes together online, try to get a split sheet signed as quickly as possible after the song is finished.  Even if the recording is just a demo, the split sheet will serve to prevent any future dispute over ownership percentages if the demo ends up being officially released.

In a scenario where Producer A sends stems to Producer B, Producer A should also send a split sheet, and Producer B can include the signed split sheet alongside the finished beats. If one of these beats end up getting placed, this split sheet can be used as a basis for the terms of the producer agreement (at least insofar as the division of rights between the two producers is concerned).

Download Our Free Split Sheet Template Below


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