5 Different Types of Video You Need as A Musician

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May 20, 2021

Do you think about your video strategy when releasing music? With so many different options for video content out there, it can be hard to know where to start, so we teamed up with Rotor to help you get going in the music video space!

5 Types of Video You Need as a Musician

Do you think about your video strategy when releasing music? Music fans consume more video than ever before on online platforms like YouTube and TikTok. So it’s no surprise that the most successful artists have video as a top priority in their music marketing strategy. With so many different options for video content out there, it can be hard to know where to start.

Rotor Videos have highlighted the five types of video every musician needs for a successful release campaign.

Let’s start with the basics. How important is video content for musicians right now?

If you’re not making video content for your music, then you're losing out big time on reaching new fans and creating extra revenue. Music videos now account for 93% of YouTube’s most-watched videos and fans now consume 47% of music through on-demand video-outperforming paid and free audio streamings. The savvy musicians will be making different types of video content to suit their needs and get the most out of their music releases.

The Traditional Music Video

This is the classic style we were all raised on back when MTV was the king of music videos. Although the days of catching your favourite music videos on TV may be over, the classic music video is still as important as ever for music promotion and building your fanbase. Musicians use video as another tool to tell their story through the universal language of visuals. Think of the traditional music video as another medium in which you can show off your personality and let your fans get to know you better. When you release new music, you should be making music videos to create awareness and attract new fans—one great video can make your song go viral overnight. Make the most out of your music video release by building momentum in the weeks running up to its premiere and uploading it to all of your social platforms for the best engagement.

We know that creating a music video can be daunting, expensive and time consuming, but it doesn’t have to be. There's an option for anyone, no matter if your budget is $20 or $10,000. Find out all the different ways you can make a music video here.

The Lyric Video

The next type of video you should be making for every song is a lyric video. These are super affordable, easy to create and generate high views on streaming platforms like YouTube. This is a good strategy for increasing engagement since your fans will keep hitting that replay button until they learn all the words of your brand new track. If you can’t decide which singles to produce full-length music videos for, then start with lyric videos and use them to gauge the reaction of your fans. Post lyric videos for all of your album’s tracks to see which songs they play most, and then create full-length music videos for your most viewed ones. This style of video will also boost your chance of making the charts, since Billboard includes online streaming when making their Top 100 chart.

When making your lyric videos, go for simple yet original. Your fans will want a video with text that’s easy to read, clips that suit the mood of your track and an aesthetic that shows off your style. Try a lyric video maker like Rotor for a selection of typefaces and stock footage that you can experiment with.

The Promo Video

Got a gig coming up, a new album to promote or a music video release? Then you need to be creating promo videos. These are a key strategy when building momentum for a release—you’re telling fans what they should expect, where they need to be and when. If you don’t have anything new coming up, ask fans questions for a live Q&A in a weekly promo video or for feedback on your latest track. Producing a continuous stream of video content is the best way to stay at the forefront of your fans' minds inbetween releases. Not only will you pop up on their newsfeeds, you’ll also have another chance to showcase your brand and give your audience something new to connect to, share or discover.

When making promo videos and teaser videos, keep it short and sweet—somewhere between 15 and 60 seconds. Convey whatever you want to get across in a clear, concise manner so provide the date, time, price or weblink if necessary. Tell your fans what you want them to do next—pre save your track, buy new merchandise or give you feedback on your latest music video. Just like lyric videos, keep the text readable and your visuals on brand and use the hook of your song to reel your audience in.

Art Track Video

Art tracks are the fastest to make and the lowest effort and best of all; all you need is your track! Create these videos using Rotor Videos smart track feature for awesome visuals based on your album artwork and the bass of your track. Upload these tracks to YouTube on release day to give your fans the full listening experience straight away. Art tracks are a simple yet clever way to reinforce your brand imagery by tying in your album artwork with professional, stylish designs. Better yet, you control the look—art tracks made by YouTube can’t be changed or edited to suit

your music. Making your own Art Tracks gives you more control over the look of your videos and flexibility on where you want to post them.

Find out how to create your own Art Tracks with Rotor here.

Spotify Canvas Video

Spotify Canvas videos have been making a statement lately, thanks to artists like Billie Eilish. These are 7 second looping videos that you can upload to Spotify and will loop as your track plays. Data shows that Spotify Canvas videos are shared 145% more often than tracks without and listeners add tracks that feature Spotify Canvas videos to their playlists 20% more often than audio only songs. These videos are great for increasing stream counts as listening time increases by 5% helping you get to that all important 30 second minimum more often. Rotor Videos is the only music video maker that allows you to create these ultra-sleek videos with zero editing skills. Check out this tutorial video and get started so you can make your songs stand out with every stream.

Written by Lisa Hannon, Rotor

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We know how important video content is when trying to get noticed and grow your fanbase online. With Rotor, every musician can create stunning music videos fast and simply with zero editing and production skills. All you need to get started is your music.

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