Spring 2021 Campus Marketing Program Highlight

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May 30, 2021

BeatStars’ Campus Marketing Program aims to provide up-and-coming music creators in college with flexible and relevant work experience, networking events, and marketing expertise. Get to know our top Campus Representative of Spring 2021, Owen Postma!

What is the campus marketing Program?

Recognizing the increasing lack of opportunity for aspiring music industry professionals to get hands-on experience this year, BeatStars’ Campus Marketing Program sought to provide up-and-coming music creators in college with flexible and relevant work experience, networking events, and marketing expertise.

After spreading the word about BeatStars to their campuses, researching music industry trends, and brainstorming new marketing strategies, twelve weeks later the Spring 2021 class of the BeatStars Campus Marketing Program was awarded their certificates of completion.

While our Spring 2021 program may be over, our ten campus representatives (CMRs) have joined the BeatStars team for life! Highlighted below is CMR Owen Postma of Michigan State University, who was named our semester’s BeatStars Top Campus Rep winner after demonstrating outstanding performance in the program, working to grow his own platform as a creator, and recruiting over 1,500 new music creators to join the BeatStars family!

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CMR Owen Postma
CMR Owen Postma

Meet Owen Postma

Owen is currently senior at Michigan State University majoring in Media and Information Management. After falling in love with the music business, he wanted to use this knowledge to further a career in the music industry.

“I got into rap music at a young age and have studied the game since my early teenage years. I dissected every meticulous detail about the music I loved from every bar by my favorite artists to every sound in my favorite beats, and I wanted to learn how artists operate from a business standpoint in their every day life.

I grew to appreciate all eras and styles of hip-hop and R&B. My love for production came as I matured, and my goal is to create a new sound and work with my idols some day.”

Owen’s BeatStars journey

After joining the BeatStars community a few years ago, Owen became a member of the BeatStars team in January with the Marketing Department as a Campus Representative for Michigan State University.

“I became a CMR because I had immense respect for BeatStars and the mission they were accomplishing. I also have dreamt of working in the music industry any way I could for a long time, and this seemed like a great opportunity.

I learned about the specific facets of each part of the music business like creating a brand, music publishing, A&R, production skills, and what it takes to work in such a competitive and dynamic space.”

From CMR to Music industry leader

“The goals for my career are to meet people with the same passions I have, make a positive difference in the music industry from the inside, and soak up as much knowledge as I can about how the music business operates. Doing something I love as a job has always been the dream, and music has always been what I love most. I hope to use my connections and money from my career in music business to get the tools I need to create my own unique musical product someday.”

Owen’s advice to Aspiring College Creators

“My advice to young adults trying to make their way in the music industry is to be themselves. If you’re confident enough to share your musical creations, opinions, and passions with the world, eventually you’ll meet people who understand your vision and share the same passions you possess. Study the game and learn as much as you can about every element the music world has to offer.”


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Karly Roux
Influencer & Partnerships Assistant @ BeatStars

Karly Roux is a New York-based music industry professional currently working in Partnerships on the Marketing team at BeatStars