Just Signed Up for BeatStars! Now What?

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Oct 07, 2020

Your Music Career Starts Here - Welcome to BeatStars Fam! Whether you have aspirations of being the world’s next multi-platinum producer or are just looking to sell your beats part-time, we want to see you succeed. BeatStars was created for you; the writer, the performer, the beat maker, the producer, the engineer, the record label, the publisher, the videographer, the artist and the CREATOR. BeatStars was built for the person telling their story with music and to find like-minded people to experience it with.

See what the hype is about and get the most out of your BeatStars account with these essential plan starter tips and best practices!

Get Started with Your Account

Set-Up All Payment Methods

You’re about to start building your very own digital music marketplace, so it’s probably important you have a way to accept payment from customers. You can set up your payment methods by selecting “my media,” then selecting “payment accounts.”

From here you can connect your PayPal and Stripe accounts to your BeatStars marketplace. We highly recommend connecting both payment methods to your marketplace so you can maximize your sales. Once your payment methods are connected you can start receiving payments instantly. It’s that easy!

Customize Your Profile

Let your listeners know who you really are by customizing your profile! Add a profile picture, set your location, and create a biography to fully personalize your BeatStars profile. To edit these areas, just go to “Account Settings” and select “Profile”.

From here you can edit all the details of your BeatStars account. Remember, your BeatStars account is representing your brand.  Make it look as professional and true to your creative self as possible!

Link Your Social Profiles

For producers, social media is essential for building a following and creating a client network. Link all your social media to your BeatStars account so your listeners will know where they can find you! You can link your social media by going to Account Settings —> Social Media.

From this page, you can link all of your social media accounts and link your BeatStars profile. Remember to add every social media account that you use. The more ways your fans have to connect with you, the more they will stay engaged with your music.

Follow Your Favorite Creators

Find your favorite artists and producers that are a part of the BeatStars family and follow them to stay up-to-date with their content. You can even reach out to them personally using the internal BeatStars messaging feature.

Discover like-minded creators and reach out to them to start collaborating with new artists. BeatStars is a vibrant community with thousands of producers just waiting to make that next hit track. Explore the community and start connecting with other creators now!

Start Posting Content

Now you can start posting content and build up your BeatStars marketplace. Just hit the “Upload”  button to start sharing your music with the entire BeatStars community.

You can upload much more than just beats to your marketplace! You can also offer Sound Kits, Services, Merchandise, and much more! It’s your marketplace, so you choose what you want to offer your customers.

Upload content frequently to get the most out of your BeatStars marketplace! The more beats you upload, the more artists will discover you! Establish an upload plan by deciding how many beats you want to upload a week. Uploading 2 – 3 times a week will guarantee that your listeners are always up to date on what you are working on. Uploading as many beats as possible will result in more listeners, more followers, and more sales!

Get more help with your BeatStars Market Place

Subscribe to the BeatStars YouTube Channel to gain access to videos that will provide step-by-step instructions on how to manage your BeatStars marketplace.We’ll help you master your knowledge of the BeatStars interface, music entrepreneurship, and the music industry.


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