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Apr 02, 2021

Leading Innovation Through Marketing

Behind every innovative company is a team of thoughtful and impactful leaders that are paving the way to a better world for creatives and dreamers. Jasmine is one of those leaders instituting positive change for those creatives and dreamers.

We’re proud to announce the recent promotion of Jasmine from Marketing Director to Chief Marketing Officer of BeatStars. Jasmine hit the ground sprinting when she joined the BeatStars team a little over a year ago, and is the mastermind and thought leader behind BeatStars’ marketing efforts.

We sat down with Jasmine to learn more about her background, her role as CMO at BeatStars, and to see what advice she has to offer budding and established producers on BeatStars.



We’d love to get to know the woman behind Beatstars’ marketing efforts more! Tell us some of the basics - where you grew up, where you went to school, and who some of your favorite artists and producers are.

I grew up in a small beach town, north of Seattle, called Mukilteo. I spent almost all of my childhood there, except for a few years when I lived in Flint, MI so my family could be closer to my dad’s relatives. After our time there, I returned to my hometown of Mukilteo to finish my schooling.

I decided to go to a private university in Virginia - across the country. During this time, my parents moved to Arizona. After I graduated, I decided to relocate here to be closer to my family and to get a nice change in scenery. Now I’m living in a suburb outside of Scottsdale with my boyfriend, our daughter, and our dog. :-)

I don’t really have long-standing favorite artists, rather favorite albums or projects. Right now though, I’m listening to a lot of Blxst (I mean...A LOT). I really like Giveon. I just discovered THEY and really like their sound. Oh, and I can’t forget Brent Faiyaz (and Sonder). His music always hits! Is it too many artists to include Pooh Shiesty too? Cause he helps me get a lil turnt up and energized.

Honestly, I just like feel-good music - whether that be slow and vibey R&B, more upbeat, west coast sounding tracks, or some super fire trap. As far as producers go, my favorite are Dpat, Hit Boy, and of course, our very own RETRO1.  There are also some other producers in the community I really love listening to, like Scandi, PDUB, Othello, SoSpecial, and so many more. Oh - and there are some sample makers I really love too, like Coop The Truth and Dylan Graham. I really enjoy going through their samples with Brian.

What first for you interested in the world of marketing? What about music?

I’ve always been a creative person. Not necessarily artsy, but innovative. I initially thought I would get into advertising, but I ended up focusing on Marketing. Advertising focuses heavily on sales, whereas I feel with Marketing I get to be more of an empath. I can think about how a product or service would truly benefit someone, then tell that story. So for my undergraduate degree, I got a Bachelor’s in Marketing and for my Master’s, I got an MBA in International Business, which is essentially global business development. Through these two degrees, I get to focus on using marketing to grow businesses to a global scale.

With music, I don’t know if it’s something I made a concerted effort to pursue, but it’s always something that interested me. Music is so much a part of black culture that working in it always seemed like something I would enjoy.

How did you discover BeatStars and what drew you to the company?

My boyfriend is a producer, and when I met him he introduced me to BeatStars. I thought it was cool how through the platform, he could make money on his talent because I know that normally had to be done via the industry route. The thing is though, the traditional music industry can be very gated, and I liked that BeatStars was accessible to everyone.  As the years went by, I saw how the company continued to evolve and create things that supported creators. So much so that eventually my boyfriend was able to do music full-time.

Not only does music have such a personal place in my own life, but so does BeatStars. I have seen what it can do for someone’s life and I want to help as many creators as possible achieve success and freedom. On top of that, I know first-hand how much creative people can struggle with the business development side of things, and how marketing can be confusing - so from what I’ve learned both in my education, experience, and helping build my boyfriend’s business - I think I can really help get people on the right path.

So simply put - I love this company and community. Together we are building something really special. And I realize that this community of 3 million is not just a number - but each person in that has a story to be shared, a life that can be changed, and a talent that deserves to be heard by the world.

What does entering the role of CMO at BeatStars mean to you?

It means everything! Is that cheesy to say? Because it does. I still can’t believe it. It just makes me feel honored that Abe believes in me and what I can offer. It makes me feel excited to be able to lead a team of marketers and help them grow to be their best selves. And it also makes me feel motivated and driven because I want to make the most of my role and truly support the community with everything in me - and I know the Marketing team and everyone here at BeatStars is the same - but hopefully, I can continue to help inspire and lead the way to ensure we do just that.

Not to mention just being relatively young, being a woman, being black, being a mom - I feel like I represent so many different people and I hope I can help inspire, pave the way, and open doors for others who see a piece of themselves in me.

As CMO, what is the best advice you can give budding and established producers and creators on the BeatStars platform?

I think it’s just to remember 3 things:

  1. This is a business. When you try and make money from your art, it’s more than just a hobby. You are an entrepreneur. Building a business takes a lot of time and strategic effort. Oftentimes businesses take 3-5 years on average to make a profit - producers are not exempt from that struggle. You have to work hard, believe in yourself, and be able to see the long game. And make sure to take full advantage of the education and support BeatStars provides.
  2. There is more to success than how much is in your bank account. A huge following - great. Placements are great. Millions of dollars are great too. Don’t get me wrong - your girl understands the value of money - but there is so much more to life than that. Are you happy? Are you doing something you enjoy? Are you surrounded by people who love and support you? Remember what matters most in life. These are the things that will ground you during the highs and lows of entrepreneurship.
  3. Invest in yourself! If you won’t invest in your business, why should other people spend with you? If you truly believe in yourself and your talent, now is the time to pour into you. Will you see a return immediately? Not always, but that’s okay. You’re building something from the ground up which is special. And it’s through your investment, whether that be time or money, that your business will have a solid foundation to grow from.

Do you have any overarching goals as CMO of BeatStars? What would you like to see in the future for BeatStars?

My goal would be to help grow BeatStars as big as it can be so that we can support as many creators as possible. We have a relatively small US-based Marketing team, but I would love to eventually scale that in different regions and countries around the world to provide more specialized marketing support.

Of course, being on the business side of things, I want to hit hard numbers - but at the end of the day, that’s not why I joined the BeatStars family. I did it to make a difference in the lives of creators through my knowledge, and now leadership. If I continue to work hard, I continue to support the people on our platform to the best of my ability, and I continue to learn and grow as an individual while doing so, I will have been successful in my role.

And I just want to see BeatStars continue to disrupt the industry.  I want to help producers who are selling their beats online continue to get the shine and respect they deserve. So many people sleep on “internet” producers like they aren’t making chart-toppers and thousands of dollars every month…without anyone’s help at that. As I always say - we are home to the new era of creators. Continuing to help lead and push this revolutionary change is important to me.

It’s time to put the power and money back into the hands of the creators, and I can’t wait to see how BeatStars continues to do just that.

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Allison Belcher
Communications Specialist @ BeatStars

Allison Belcher is a Communications Specialist and music enthusiast living in rainy Portland, Oregon.