Ground-breaking Ways to Level Up Your BeatStars Engagement

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Jan 13, 2021

In a world where attention is limited and staying engaged feels like a chore, it’s essential to find unique, out-of-the-box ways to level up your music’s engagement. Fortunately, the BeatStars team has your back, and we’re constantly thinking of new ways that BeatStars creators can increase their presence and market themselves as artists and music entrepreneurs. If one of your 2021 goals is to get your name out there or to make more time for music-related activities, you’ve come to the right place. See what initiatives we have going on within the BeatStars Community, and get involved so you can in turn make a name for yourself in 2021.

Music Centered Challenges

Every month, BeatStars teams up with a prominent artist or industry-changing Producer to curate special Challenges for BeatStars users. In the past, BeatStars has worked with big names such as B.o.B, Paul Wall, Mike Shinoda, and MORE to provide artists and producers the chance to win cash prizes, new equipment, and a platform to show off their talent to new listeners and fans. This month, DreamLife has teamed up with BeatStars to bring you an all-new song challenge featuring his song "Strawberry Moon", off his Beat Tape “As the Night Falls”! First, second, and third place winners will win cash prizes, a free year of Pro Page Plan, advertising credit, BeatStars merchandise, promotion on BeatStars social channels, and the list goes on. Put your skills to the test and accept the challenge! Your growth as a creator is most important, and BeatStars Challenges can help with the growing pains.

Playlist Opportunities

Your song could be played hundreds of times by new listeners all over the world - all you have to do is submit your song for a chance to get it on an official BeatStars playlist! Our playlists are carefully curated with the best submissions and gems living on BeatStars, and each week you have several opportunities to get your track on one of those playlists. Submit your best work for a chance to be highlighted and cement yourself as one of the leading producers in the game. From Drake to Charlie XCX beats, the options are practically endless when it comes to establishing yourself in your genre of choice.

Duet Beats On Tik Tok

Artists and creators are going viral on Tik Tok EVERY. DAY. Tik Tok is the common man’s holy grail for showing off unique, ground-breaking content that deserves thousands of eyes. When a sound is used on Tik Tok, there is a large chance that the video associated with the song will go viral, and in turn, hundreds of other creators will also use that song for their own content. Duet Beats is an official BeatStars Tik Tok account and the #1 place to find viral sounds! Submit your beats for a chance to be featured on our official Duet Beats account and be added to the official Duet Beats Playlist. Your shot at going viral is a click away.

Beatstars Academy

Class is officially IN SESSION (every Wednesday at 3pm EST). BeatStars Academy is an informative live show hosted by Jamil and Lee, BeatStars staffers and experts. BeatStars Academy frequently hosts interactive live shows that members can participate in, such as the opportunity to get your Pro Page reviewed, Game Shows that come with prizes, and more. Stop by every Wednesday on the BeatStars Twitch or YouTube Channels and engage with the other audience members in the comments to form connections and potential collaboration opportunities. BeatStars Academy is FREE too. Think of it as a full-ride scholarship.

Beatstars Promote

One of the most efficient, time conscious, and sure ways to increase your BeatStars engagement is through the BeatStars Promote tool. BeatStars Promote is an impression based advertising tool that can boost your tracks, albums, or profile to other users on BeatStars. When releasing a new track or album, it’s essential that you have a promotional plan in place to get a substantial amount of ears and eyes on your new music. Facebook and Instagram advertising can be costly, while BeatStars Promote is an affordable and effective tool that promotes in-house to eager buyers. Once a promotional campaign is launched, you can easily track your campaigns and analyze what works (or what didn’t) to plan for future campaigns. Give your music the attention it deserves with Promote!

Customized Website

Did you know that BeatStars offers creators the opportunity to craft a fully customizable website? Investing in a website that shows off your music’s brand, discography, merchandise, music videos, and albums is a great way to promote your music business on other social channels. Embed your website in your social media ‘About’ sections or plug it in one of the BeatStars Live Show chats as the show audience engages with one another. The viable business person always has a resume or updated LinkedIn page on hand, so why shouldn’t you? While the BeatStars Pro Page is a great beat-selling website tool, it also acts as a handy digital one-sheet for artists that are looking to host their work in a centralized location. The Pro Page makes is easier than ever to incorporate your brand’s colors, logo, style, and portfolio. Don’t sleep on the power of the Pro Page and try out 30 Days of Pro Page for FREE with code 30FREE.

Level up your engagement with 30 days of pro page free

1. Log into your BeatStars account and go to Account Settings > Subscription. 2. Under Seller Plan, click Subscribe and then choose the Pro Page Membership. 3. Click Get Started and then check out! Choose monthly billing or save 25% when billing annually!

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Allison Belcher
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Allison Belcher is a Communications Specialist and music enthusiast living in rainy Portland, Oregon.