How to Use Email Retargeting To Boost Your Music Sales [FREE TEMPLATES]

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Sep 17, 2021

Retargeting is one of the most effective ways to create repeat customers and re-engage your audience. In fact, retargeting can generate nearly four times more revenue and 18 times greater net profits compared with marketing using simple non targeted marketing. (Source: Moz) Retargeting your customers can be done in a variety of ways such as running paid ads, however you don’t need to spend a pretty penny to remarket - you can do this for FREE on the BeatStars platform . If you’re brand new to the world of email retargeting, don’t sweat it. Take this as your formal introduction to this game-changing revenue generating form of marketing. 

What is Email Retargeting? 

Email Retargeting, or Email Remarketing, is the act of following up with a customer who has visited your website, engaged with your beat downloads, subscribed to your email contact list, made a purchase, or left a purchase in their shopping cart. Email retargeting is a way to make your emails convert more people into customers, because emails sent in a retargeting campaign are more relevant than the average marketing email.

Customer Journeys and Email Retargeting 

It’s impossible to bring up email retargeting and not touch on customer journeys - the two go hand in hand! When you re-engage your customers through segmented and automated emails, you are creating customer journeys. A customer journey is a roadmap of communication to your audience. You can build out which emails your  audience will receive, set requirements for receiving emails, and create different branches depending on actions your customers take. This tool is meant to automate communication while keeping contact segmenting at the forefront of your priorities. Building out a single campaign that goes out to everyone in your audience, regardless of their unique experiences with your products, can hurt your overall ability to make music sales. Building out a customer journey will enable you to set up multiple emails over a period of time, and use the knowledge you obtain through early emails to market better.

Types of Email Retargeting 

Free Beat Downloads

If you offer free beat downloads to your customers, don’t hurt your chances of making a potential sale by not reengaging! The customer journey for free beat downloads can look something like this:

Who to Send To: Customers that download a free beat from your beat store. 

When to Send: This email journey should last around 1-2 weeks. 

Email 1: Send this 1-2 hours after a customer clicks ‘Download’ on a free beat. Keep in mind that an email with the song download is sent immediately after clicking ‘Download’, so this first email will technically be the second in this ‘Free Beat Download’ email series. This first email created by you in Mailchimp should thank the customer for downloading your beat, and a coupon code or special deal to entice purchasing. Some personalization - whether that’s a little about yourself or some background into your music career and credentials, is also a great way to go.

Email 2: Now that you’ve introduced yourself in the first email and provided additional value, try centering your next email around additional free downloads and a call to action to encourage a response from your customer. We recommend sending this email out 48-72 hours after your first email, this way you aren’t spamming your customer’s inbox. 

Email 3: After you’ve given your customer time to engage with their beat downloads and create some music (after 1-2 weeks), reach back out with a third email asking your free downloaders and customers to send you the songs they’ve created. This is a great way to establish lifelong professional relationships and brand loyalty with your buyers, as well as build up your discography of songs your beat has been placed in.

Abandoned Cart Emails 

About 60-80% of shopping carts are abandoned before customers finish a sale. (Source: Active Campaign) If the primary end goal of your email retargeting is to increase your music sales, then setting up your abandoned cart emails should come first. With the right email retargeting, you can expect to recover about 10% of that lost revenue. Abandoned cart emails have an open rate of nearly 45%, which makes them one of the most well-known email retargeting campaigns. An abandoned cart email journey can look something like this: 

Who to Send To: Online customers who add items to cart but don’t complete checkout. 

When to Send: Send a series of three emails - the first one two hours after abandonment, the second after 24 hours, and the third after 48 hours. This email journey should last between 2-3 days. 

Email 1: Send this 1-2 hours after your customer has abandoned their cart. This can be a friendly reminder that they have your music waiting in your cart, and that “checkout” is only a click away. 

Email 2: Send this 24-48 hours after your customer has abandoned their cart. We suggest including a percentage off coupon code within this email to encourage the customer to close the purchase feeling incentivized. 

Email 3: Send this email a few days after your second email. This can act as a final reminder, with a larger percentage off coupon from your second email (for example, try increasing the percent off from 10% to 20%). 

Start Retargeting

Watch our exclusive, step-by-step BeatStars Live+ tutorial video on email retargeting to learn more about how you can start retargeting through BeatStars’ free MailChimp integration. After, download our FREE retargeting email templates below to assist you during your email set up. 


Download our free retargeting email templates for musicians!

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