Producer Eeryskies Expands Outside the Box

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Jun 26, 2021


It all started with a guitar lesson in middle school.

Eeryskies always dreaded having to go and commit to the lesson and eventually gave up. A few years passed, and he reentered the world of music through a mic purchase and began freestyling over type beats in his Mom’s basement.

“After a while, I thought, ‘Let me try and make some beats’,” Eeryskies tells us. “I fell in love with the process after a few years and haven’t looked back since.”

We connected with Eeryskies to learn more about his creative inspirations, music entrepreneurship, and the role BeatStars has played in his production and beat business.

Producer Eeryskies
Producer Eeryskies

The Journey

Do you have any creative inspirations? If so, we’d love to know who and why.
I do! My biggest ones would be Mac Miller, Frank Ocean, and Kenny Beats. A lot of these people not only inspire me musically, but they also preach things that I can get behind and support for the mental side of the music industry.

What is the most rewarding aspect of being a producer?
For me, it's the moment you finish an idea that was in your head and see it come together. There is no better moment than pressing that play button, and feeling a huge smile creep onto your face.


How important is entrepreneurship to your vision of your career? Do you like having full control over your business/brand? Is that ever difficult?
I think it’s very important. I will always say that the music comes first, and often can speak for itself. However, it’s critical to ensure that you are marketing yourself, and selling it in a way where you can make a living. I also find it important to understand other revenues of business. Don't just try one thing, but have your hand in a few baskets trying to learn them all. It’s for sure tricky at times, because sometimes the business can overpower or get in the way of the music, and it is very important to understand the fine line between the two.


Is there any moment in your career thus far that you felt like you “made it”? What part of your music career are you most proud of?
In all honesty, it was when an A&R from BeatStars by the name of Danny reached out to me. I’ve always been in love with the BeatStars site and their brand. Being able to come a bit closer and get to know people within the company is amazing. I’m also very proud of the connections I have built. I have made so many amazing friends that will last a lifetime, and it’s amazing to think they stemmed from music!

What equipment do you consider essential to your set up?
In today's day and age you don't need much. For me, my computer, guitar, keyboard, interface, monitors, headphones, and a mic are critical! And of course, a DAW as well!

How has BeatStars played a role in your production and beat-selling business?
I attribute a lot of my success to BeatStars. They provided me with a platform to sell and post my music. It makes it easy for not just producers to sell, but also for artists to purchase! From having licenses, to intuitive website design, they are for sure ahead of the curve! Now that I have joined the publishing team, I am eager to see how the relationship progresses!

Eeryskies studio, where his first 120 beats were made
Eeryskies studio, where his first 120 beats were made


What advice do you have for up-and-coming producers?
Don't put yourself in a box. For a moment, I made music catered towards a certain group and it was never fun. Make music like you're still in the basement, and try and do that for the rest of your career.

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Allison Belcher
Communications Specialist @ BeatStars

Allison Belcher is a Communications Specialist and music enthusiast living in rainy Portland, Oregon.