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Aug 02, 2021

The music industry is shifting, and 2020 proved that there is no better time than the present to be an independent creator. Despite the pandemic, the global recording industry added $1.5 billion to its annual revenues in 2020 versus 2019 - and the industry’s streaming revenue grew faster than it did in 2019 (Souce: Music Business Worldwide). A huge factor of this revenue burst comes from the continued growth of the independent artist sector. Artists are turning their heads away from record labels, and are instead distributing their music independently through BeatStars Distribution, TuneCore, and Soundcloud. In 2020, Artists Direct grew by a ground-breaking 34.1%, breaking the billion-dollar market for the first time (Source: MIDiA Research). 

All of that being’s what that means for you. 

More artists are saying no to record labels and are instead rising as independent artists. Private equity money is now pouring into creator tool companies like Native Instruments, and artists are turning to online marketplaces like BeatStars to fulfill production needs for their songs. The online beat-selling market is booming and it’s because artists and producers are understanding their independent worth. 

So, like, OBVIOUSLY you should get in on this too, right? How do you thrive and sell beats efficiently online though? And which beat-selling platform should you trust to help you make a living off of your music? We understand you’re probably hitting up Google with these questions, and perhaps that’s how you stumbled onto this article. We’re here to help you make those important decisions, and we’ve got the facts. If you’re on the fence between going with BeatStars or Airbit for your beat-selling, music entrepreneurship needs, then look no further.


BeatStars Pricing 

BeatStars offers three different subscription tiers - the Free plan, Marketplace plan, and Pro Page plan. The free plan is of course, free. The Marketplace plan is $9.99/month or $7.99/month when paid annually. The Pro Page plan is $19.99/month or $14.99/month when paid annually. Each plan offers various features, with the Pro Page unlocking offering all Free and Marketplace plan features and then some. 

For a full breakdown of what each plan offers, scuttle on over here. 

Airbit Pricing 

Airbit also offers three different subscription tiers - Basic, Gold, and Platinum. The Basic plan is free. The Gold plan is $9.99/month or $8.33/month when paid annually. The Platinum plan is $19.99/month or $16.66 when paid annually. Each plan offers various features. For a full breakdown of what each plan offers, visit here. 

The Consensus 

While BeatStars and Airbit share the same monthly pricing, you ultimately save more money when you pay annually with BeatStars. That’s money that could go towards new equipment, marketing, music services, or a new production program. BeatStars also offers more resources, tools, integrations, and music opportunities when compared to Airbit. We’ll get into that more below. 

Music Opportunities 

BeatStars Opportunities 

Building connections and taking advantage of opportunities is one of the most important things you can and should do as a creator. Let’s be real - some of the most famous artists were discovered by other artists. Jay-Z discovered Rihanna, Usher discovered Justin Bieber, and Dr. Dre discovered Eminem. Globally recognized creators got their rise to fame from connections and opportunities, and we believe you could be next. BeatStars frequently hosts Challenges and Music Opportunities that BeatStars creators can take advantage of. In the past, BeatStars has hosted Challenges featuring groundbreaking artists like B.o.B, Masego, Mike Shinoda, Doechii, and more. BeatStars also has a variety of playlisting and beat placement opportunities that are statistically proven to help with listener reach. In June 2021, Roc Legion’s beat ‘Voices’ was reposted and added to the BeatStars Playlist ‘The Sauce’. As a result, ‘Voices’ blew up to be the top-selling beat for the course of two weeks. Participating in music opportunities on BeatStars is a great, organic way of elevating your music - something Airbit doesn’t offer. 

Airbit Opportunities 

While Airbit has curated, collaborative, and unlisted playlists, it’s unclear how successful these playlists are in elevating their community. Airbit staff discovers and playlist beats that live on the platform, but do not have a way for producers seeking playlisting opportunities to submit their music. You simply have to cross your fingers and hope the right person hears your beat amongst the millions of other songs on the platform. 

The Consensus

BeatStars has an abundant amount of music opportunities and ways to get discovered. Airbit is lacking in this area and doesn’t provide essential forms of making connections that the music industry demands. 

Marketing and Entrepreneurship Tools 

BeatStars Tools 

You don’t have to run your music business on your own. Online tools and resources are a beautiful thing, and boy do we have them. There are several tools at your fingertips that you can use to market your beats and accelerate your business. Some of the integrations that BeatStars offers includes: 

  • Canva - For creating custom album, track, and playlisting artwork. 
  • MailChimp - For building your contact list and email marketing. 
  • Printful - For creating and selling merchandise.
  • ManyChat - For creating a chatbot on your BeatStars page to help with your sales and marketing.
  • FanConnect - For text marketing and text campaigns. 
  • Datacrushers - For amplifying your marketing automation efforts and discovering gaps in your business. 
  • Facebook Pixels - For optimizing ad delivery and retargeting your audience.
  • Aweber - For building your contact list and email marketing. 

Airbit Tools 

After scouring the Airbit Seller Dashboard for a marketing tools and integrations section and not finding anything, we stumbled across this integrations page on Airbit. According to this page, Airbit offers:

The Consensus

The number of marketing integrations and tools that BeatStars offers versus Airbit speaks for itself. BeatStars understands the importance of utilizing marketing tools to promote and sell beats online, so an abundance of integrations are offered to suit your marketing needs. BeatStars offers all of the same tools that Airbit offers plus more. 

Community and Mentorship

BeatStars Community

Innovative tools and product features that work to make your music business run seamlessly are just half of the picture. Every great business person didn't get to where they are today without unconditional support, community, and mentorship. BeatStars prides itself in being a safe inclusive place for creators from ALL walks of life to succeed and grow on, which is why BeatStars regularly offers educational webinars, interactive lives show, and an entire Instagram channel dedicated to producer and music education.

Airbit Community

While Airbit has community engagement and education channels such as Discord and an official podcast, the variety of channels Airbit hosts content on is...lacking. There are plenty of people that don't have Discord, and podcasts aren't for everyone. If you're seeking a number of different channels that can offer you an assortment of content, then Airbit may not be your best bet.

The Consensus

To be frank, BeatStars is gold. BeatStars' Community is unmatched (even Sony Music Publishing thinks so), and the free resources BeatStars offers to help community members are game-changing for any independent music entrepreneur.

Payment and Monetization 

BeatStars Monetization

Beatstars has a few ways of giving customers access to your beat page, including Soundcloud, YouTube, and Audiomack monetization. The big money-maker however is our Blaze player. You can easily embed the BeatStars Blaze Player in any website, acting as an easily accessible storefront for your customers. If you can embed it, they can buy it. On top of that, customers can buy your beats seamlessly through Stripe or PayPal, so you can get paid worry-free. 

Airbit Monetization

With Airbit, you can attach the platform to your emails or incorporate it into your social media accounts. However, Airbit does not offer an embeddable music player, so you could miss out on offering an easily accessible storefront to customers on a variety of web pages. 

The Consensus

BeatStars offers many ways for you to monetize your music, and the Blaze Player is a BeatStars exclusive game changer. Airbit is lacking on supplying a variety of ways for creators to monetize, which can lead to missed revenue. 

The Verdict 

BeatStars’ pricing, unique opportunities and challenges, marketing tools, and monetization methods put it lightyears ahead of Airbit. If you’re wanting to run a successful and sustainable business online, then you need the appropriate tools to do so. Airbit is simply a platform to sell, whereas BeatStars is a one-stop-shop for all your music entrepreneurship needs. 

If you’d like to learn more about all of the features that BeatStars offers to dedicated creators, visit this page here.


At the end of the day, we'll let you be the judge of which platform is better for your music needs. Try out 30 Days of BeatStars Pro Page for FREE with code BLOG30.


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