Day 10

Discover Other Ways to Monetize Your Music


If you’re already licensing and selling your beats on BeatStars, then you’re probably fully aware that making extra income from your craft is an achievable, simple thing to do. You can keep up the momentum and monetize your music in more ways than one on BeatStars - see how.



With BeatStars Distribution, you have the ability to release your music on all major digital music platforms while keeping 100% of the earnings we collect for you! Distribute your music worldwide and earn royalties from over 30+ download and streaming platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, Deezer, YouTube, SoundCloud, Pandora, Tidal, Audiomack and MORE. With unlimited releases, you never have to worry about having to pay per release. Distribute as many singles and albums as you want, when you want and keep that bread coming in.

Sound Kits

Selling your tracks to artists is one thing, but you shouldn’t forget about other producers who are also looking to purchase unique creations. A Sound Kit is a collection of sounds intended for producers to use to produce music. These sounds come in a variety of forms, and many musicians use sample packs as the foundation for their tracks. Sound Kits can include a number of different sounds, ranging from a flute melody to different vocals and sayings. A lot of creators are looking to diversify their tracks with different instruments and sounds to take their track to the next level. Offering Sound Kits with your BeatStars Marketplace or Pro Page Plan can help with demand.


Selling personalized, unique merchandise is a HUGE revenue maker for producers and artists. In fact, according to a 2019 survey, artists made roughly 30% of their revenue from merchandise alone. Of course, that was when tours and live shows were still bustling and well. On the contrary, you can keep that statistic alive on BeatStars by selling an assortment of merchandise, from sweatshirts to socks, through our Printful integration. Simply integrate Printful with your BeatStars account, upload your merch designs, and start marketing your merch with every track or album drop.

Drum Loops

A drum loop is a short recording of multiple drum materials that’s been edited to loop smoothly and continuously. A drum loop repeats until an exact duration is satisfied, for example, to break a single loop to another, you might want to use a drum fill which could also be a seamless loop. Drums are the beating heart of a solid song, and offering a variety of drum loops to your customers can easily result in an increase in revenue.


Clearly there’s a number of things you can sell with your BeatStars account, and the list continues with service offerings. You can offer custom services on BeatStars like mixing, mastering, production, video editing, logo designs, custom voice tags, and MORE. Deep dive into the world of services you can offer on BeatStars and see how you can create your first service offering with our official tutorial video here.

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